Betty Bishop Hangs Here …

               A Canadian senior citizen hangs her Paintings and other works of art in the Internet. 

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Betty here.  I live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. 

I am an 85 year old Aries woman who has done many wild, wonderful, interesting things in her life. So far the last chapter has been spent with Art. I discovered and fell in love with Art in my mid fifties and this love has lasted!   Now I mostly draw and paint using my i pad pro, the Apple pencil and Procreate.

I also keep a Blog because it is fun and keeps me on my toes. 

Come on by … although I can’t promise you I will be there every day as I find I now work in fits and starts.

I built this website using Sparkle - if you have a Mac you can build one too. They did not ask me to make this comment but they have been most helpful and pleasant to work with.

I hope you find my work interesting.  


Talk with you later?!


Betty Bishop 


May 2019